When The Game Stands Tall

When the Game stands Tall Check out the trailer here!





Cam Colvin on the motion picture ” Blessed to have an opportunity to be apart of an amazing story! Sharing the story of my brothers, loved ones and myself! Our journey that most won’t believe, men of faith.. “

When The Game Stands Tall Motion Picture!!

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK of Affirm Films’ new movie, ‘When The Game Stands Tall’, in theaters September 19, 2014! Starring Jim Caviezel, Michael Chiklis, Laura Dern and Alexander Ludwig, the film tells the inspirational story of a visionary coach who led a struggling football team to unparalleled national record-breaking success by focusing on character and commitment rather than winning. Become a fan of AFFIRM Films and ‘When the Game Stands Tall’ by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter (@AFFIRMFilms @WTGST)!

Cameron Colvin supports Local AZ Charity

Check out this post from Cam’s Instagram Feed @drcamcolvin


Colvin posing with 80 plus children and families supporting Maria Jones Law Firm and Gala in AZ

Colvin posing with 80 plus children and families supporting Maria Jones Law Firm and Gala in AZ


” Beautiful evening supporting these amazing children for the holidays. Special thank you to Maria Jones Law Firm and Gala Support Group. Supporting these kids along with their families who suffer from epilepsy, Autism and Down syndrome . Most of these people do not have food on their tables and not even a gift for Christmas. Blessed to be able to see these people smile.

“You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.”



More business moves for young entrepreneur! – Cam Colvin

Interior design partnership

Decades of Interior Design Expertise


Since 1984, Est Est’s creative group has been under the direction of owner and head designer Tony Sutton. In 1997 Mr. Sutton moved the design studio to its current location in the Perimeter Center. Est Est is composed of ASID, NCIDQ certified interior designer professionals and support staff, who offer a rich mixture of ideas tempered by comprehensive experience. As a full-service interior design company, we offer the full range of services you would expect from a top ranking firm. Well-recognized for our detailed material specification manuals and comprehensive design drawings, Est Est designers strive to be the finest in their discipline. With our own CAD department and plotting capabilities, we are able to handle every aspect of a job in-house. Est Est’s design studio, also boasts of housing the largest resource library in the western region. With many of our clients traveling in from out of state, time is very precious. Our studio is designed as a one-stop-shop where the client is able to come to our studio and be presented with their design scheme, rather than having to travel all over town from showroom to showroom. The level of Est Est customer service is unparalleled in the local design community.

Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Purchasing Services

Our well-established relationships with regional, national, and international manufacturers, gives Est Est the buying power to be a “purchasing agent” for large hospitality projects as well as the ability to custom design one-of-a kind pieces for individual clients. Recognized for our innovative custom furnishings, Est Est offers a variety of merchandise from English, French, Italian and Spanish antiques, to the modern products of the United States, as well as antiques and specialty items from Mexico and Peru. Est Est offers all historic and contemporary design styles to appeal to client preferences, while keeping in mind the human scaled atmospheres that invite one to pursue and enjoy the good things in life. Rather than promoting a specific Est Est design style, we pride ourselves on custom designing each project to the clients’ tastes and wishes. The Est Est mission is to provide an environment complimentary to each client while enhancing the charm and objective of each space. Further setting us apart from the pack, is our full-service receiving, inspecting, warehousing, and installation facility and crew. We handle all aspects of a project from start to finish ensuring overall project success. The combination of extensive technical backgrounds and diverse talents of the Est Est designers’ form a multi-faceted design service, based on the principles of personal attention, integrity, quality and skill.


Cam Colvins Non Profit Partnership aims for community boost!



LSC is entering its 10th anniversary of encouraging student athletes to stay in school, lead healthy lifestyles and be financially responsible.

Linking Sports & Communities LLC is a 501 c 3 non-profit, which enhances the relationship among sports organizations, athletes and communities. LSC encourages student athletes to stay in school, lead healthy lifestyles and be financially responsible.



Colvin acquires All Natural meat brand and works with Owens family of Bay Area


Acquired by our group. We are Proud to Announce that The Green Cow Meat Company is a new brand of Rise Above Enterprise




What is Grass Fed Beef?


Grass Fed beef comes from cows fed a diet of natural grasses and not finished on a feedlot where the animals are rapidly fattened on a mixture of corn, soy, grains, other supplements, hormones, and antibiotics. Grass fed beef is lower in fat and calories and contain a higher omega-3 content than the commercial feedlot raised beef.


Our meat comes from cows fed on a premium quality diet program. The cows feed on a irrigated pasture containing grasses such as, white clover, strawberry clover, red clover, orchard grass, and annual rye. The animals are also fed an annual diet of medics , vetches, filaree and clovers. Occasionally, during extreme dry and hot temperatures, the cows are fed forage hay such as awn-less wheat and awn-less barley. This diet is proven and provided to us by our farmer in a signed affidavit, which many Grass Fed brands cannot provide.


Market Growth


The market for natural and organic beef products, currently at $350 million annually, could grow to over $1 billion within the next five years, attendees at a recent grass-fed beef conference were told.

More and more consumers are paying a premium and seeking out beef which is raised exclusively on grass.

“Grass-finished” generally means once the cattle is weaned from mothers’ milk, it consumes grass in open pasture for the entire lifespan, rather than getting fattened up on corn in feed lots during its final months.

Demand for grass-fed beef has been growing at a rate of 20 percent a year, according to one study. More stores are starting to offer grass-finished, but retail availability is still limited. Consumers are taking matters into their own hands by buying direct from ranchers.

Grass-finished beef has a more favorable ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids and a higher level of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA’s), known for fighting cancer and fat. While this has personal health appeal to some, Woerner says there are not major nutritional differences between the two types of beef. He says grass-fed is a niche market and the majority (97 percent) of beef production in this country still comes from conventionally raised cattle.


Pittsburg native son brings turkeys, enjoyment to Boys & Girls Club families


PITTSBURG — Clutching the bumblebee and owl stuffed toys she just won at a raffle, Breanna Pool couldn’t decide which activity she was enjoying the most.

The Los Medanos Elementary School fifth-grader was floating around, taking in all the activities set up for kids Thursday afternoon at the East County Boys & Girls Club during a turkey giveaway event hosted by former pro football player and Pittsburg native Cameron Colvin.

The families of the 60 children in the affordable day-care program all received turkeys during the Rise Above Turkey Giveaway, while the children participated in competitions and received goody bags and prizes..

“The kids have been looking forward to this. They have been so excited. All day, they kept asking ‘Can we jump yet?,’” said Tyiest Mayo, the club’s site coordinator.

A steady stream of children piled into a castle-shaped bounce house, while others colored in a Thanksgiving-themed picture, got their faces painted, or participated in an obstacle course that tested their agility.

After thinking about it, Pool decided her favorite activity was decorating cupcakes, particularly adding rainbow sprinkles over Funfetti frosting.

“This is just great for the kids. And the best part is everybody gets something,” said Sharon Pool, who was there with her granddaughter.

Colvin, 27, a former prep football star at De La Salle High School who later played at the University of Oregon and briefly with the San Francisco 49ers, said many of his afternoons as a child were spent at the Boys & Girls Club.

Colvin said his hope is to provide inspiration for the kids in the program and help “set them on the right path,” especially those who may come from challenging situations at home such as he did.

“It was really important for (Colvin), to have that sense of helping, especially to let the kids know he came from that exact same environment, even the same elementary some of them go to,” said Nathan Kenion, a friend who helped Colvin host the event.

“It’s a blessing,” said Curtis Flucus Jr., a longtime community volunteer and counselor at the club.

“There were so many people here, like Mr. Flucus, that were just such mentors and role models to all of us. It’s just a way to give back,” said Colvin, now an entrepreneur who lives in San Francisco.

Colvin dealt with a lot of tragedy at an early age, which he had to overcome, including losing both his parents before completing his sophomore year of high school. Also, his best friend, Terrance Kelly, was shot and killed in August 2004, two days before they were to report to Oregon for football practice.

Flucus remembers Colvin from his days at the Boys & Girls Club as a focused and intelligent young man.

“For these kids to see somebody that comes from where they come from and telling his testimony, it’s such a positive,” Flucus said.

Last year, Colvin and a few others tried to give away 600 turkeys to the community, but the giveaway was planned a bit last-minute and ran into logistical problems. This year, there was more planning and the focus was solely on those in the Boys & Girls Club program.

Camar Walker, a full-time student at Los Medanos College, was among the parents on hand to watch their kids enjoy themselves. Almost all said receiving the turkey will help them stretch their dollar farther and have a bit of a better holiday.

“After seeing the prices in stores and how they’ve risen and what little income I have, I wasn’t sure. So, this is a great gift,” Walker said.

Contact Paul Burgarino at 925-779-7164. Follow him atTwitter.com/paulburgarino.

Cameron Colvin’s 2nd Annual Rise Above Turkey Giveaway!


For Immediate Release

Cameron Colvin’s 2nd Annual Rise Above Turkey Giveaway!

Meals provided for Program families. Release : October 26th 2013

PITTSBURG, California – As Autumn descends upon us and Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaches, Cameron Colvin and Rise Above Enterprises presents the “2nd Annual Rise Above Turkey Giveaway” on Thursday, November 21st at the Boys & Girls Club at 1001 Stoneman Avenue in Pittsburg from 4 to 6 pm. The 2nd Annual Rise Above Turkey Giveaway looks to provide program families in need with meals, just in time for the Holiday weekend.

“During Thanksgiving we often admire the people and opportunities we’ve had in our lives and how often those moments occur while sharing a meal together. Being able to provide a Thanksgiving meal to families in need during such times and help foster community values is very important and the Rise Above Team is looking forward to helping this year ” said Colvin in preparation for this year’s event. Prior events saw large crowds and the expectation for this year is no different. “It’s an opportunity to focus on the programs families to come down to the Boys & Girls Club for a few hours and enjoy themselves ,” said Colvin.

The 2nd Annual Rise Above Turkey Giveaway Sponsored by OhYeah Nutrition will also feature such fun activities for children like face painting, dancing and other fun festivities. Prizes will be awarded during the event which also features live music in a family environment for all ages. Proceeding the event will be an opportunity to meet and interact with Cameron and cast who will be signing autographs and taking pictures for those who stay.